Copland Golf Towel


21x17" Tour Size knitted golf towel in the very best of colours. Can be folded compact to stow in a pocket or bag.

Fully machine washable up to 40c. Made from 100% Cashmilon Yarn, these are hand finished to the exact same high quality as our hats & scarves and are designed to protect and last.

We keep a limited stock of products, otherwise all of our products are knit to order and we aim to complete within a maximum of 10 (working) days.

*** Please note the cut-off date for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas 2020 is Midnight, Tuesday 15th December. We do hold a limited stock of most items and will still be shipping items ordered after this date and up until the 23rd December, but cannot guarantee it will arrive in time for the big day. The workshop itself will close for the festive period on the 23rd and will reopen after the festive period. Please ensure you are aware of this information prior to purchase.